The next generation of audio starts here:
Ridiculously loud • Kick-ass battery • Durable AF • Waterproof • Multi-use versatility • Super lightweight

The Specs

🔋 Mega Battery Power

Go all day and all night, and then a couple more. Blast up to 60 hours of music or jump a friend's truck with the Infinite Accessory port to just show off.

🦾 KevlarCase™ Protection

Designed specifically for rugged battle terrains, the waterproof casing and aluminum grill can take a beating like none other.

🔊 Supernova Sound

Crank it to an undistorted, ultra-loud 115db in stereo with a response range between 50 to 22,00hz. In other words, it's loud enough for ear plugs.

📱 OmniConnect

Use your phone, watch, or anything else with bluetooth capabilities as your audio library and remote control from up to 100 ft away.

🎛️ Future Framed

Upgrade internal components for new technologies by simply opening up the case and swapping the parts. No need to trash your whole system.

🔦 Multi-Use

Tap into the battery to charge your devices, inflate a tire or mattress, set the mood with lighting, or do things we haven't thought of.

The TRU' Guarantee

All speaker components are covered for two years, along with carbon offsetting for everything related to your purchase.